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Nakku injures her arm

One of our juvenile female chimps Nakku fractured her arm. After a few days she was in the holding facility, she was transferred to   the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) formerly the zoo, where she is in quarantine.  After a week with the cast, a bone plate was inserted into the arm to help with the re-alignment of the bone.

Nakku resting in the holding facility

Nakku resting in the holding facility

Trapped Chimp Rescued

On 10th January a team from CSWCT, JGI, UWA & Budongo Conservation Field Station,  rescued an adult male chimp that had been caught in a mantrap. Thanks to a tip off from a ten year old boy, the team was able to trail the group of chimps with the injured individual.After  laying in wait for two days the chimp was finally spotted in Mparangasi; a forest in Hoima. The chimp was darted, giving the team a chance to release his arm from the mantrap had he had carried  around for five days. As soon as he woke up, he retreated to a nearby shrub