Monthly Archives: December 2011

Stany Nyandwi wins International Award

Stany Nyandwi, has  won two awards in a row this year, the Carole Noon Award for Animal Sanctuary Excellence for his commitment and courage in caring for rescued orphaned chimpanzees and the siddle Madsen award by PASA. In his own words Stany had this to say while receiving the latest award on the 12th December 2011, […]

Chimpanzee Children’s Christmas Carnival

With Christmas around the corner and holidays for children, it’s time to relax and have party time with family, but also to spare some little coins for nature conservation. CSWCT staff know this well , on 4th December 2011 we organized the “Chimpanzee Children’s Christmas Carnival “,at Sheraton Hotel Kampala .This was to raise funds […]